Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cap Codes for 6 Kettles

The "Band of Brewers" went to Deja Brew on Monday to bottle and take home the 6 kettles we made two weeks ago. The all important cap codes are as follows:

K = Kick Ass Pale AleOur Own Award winning recipe Developed By Chuckaroo!!
D = Der Racecar RedA nice light red ale. Our own recipe, easy to drink
N = Nessie Scotch AleSo new, it isn't listed on the DejaBrew webpage
G = Gnomey's PilzOur own recipe by our own Gnome. A really excellent Pilsner
(blank) = Oak Island BitterDave’s rendition of an easy drinking English Bitter. Very smooth
B = Blueberry AleA delicious ale. It smells good, tastes good and finishes clean

What is the cap code? The letter on the cap indicates the contents of the bottle.

cap codes