Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Deja Brew: Band of Brewers at it again

Another 6 kettles were lined up for the 'Band of Brewers' on Monday evening. The winter and holiday beer selection was as follows:

Evil Santa's Ale High in alcohol and hoppiness! A new type of hop for us
Fuggle Ambrosia Nothing but Fuggle hops! Light, sweet, potent.
Goibniu A Great rendition of a true Scottish Ale
Hearty Christmas Ale A hearty Ale, spicy, flavorful and inviting!
Llevar Porter If you like Ravell , you’ll love this one. Vanilla accents
Winter Jubilee Barley Wine A nice, smooth easy to drink year round Barley Wine

This batch puts us at 236 kettles overall with 121 unique beers brewed.

12 pounds of grain draining for the Goibniu
12 pounds of grain draining for the Goibniu

For more about Deja Brew you can visit their webpage  http://www.deja-brew.com/

or check the archives here for the exploits of the 'Band of Brewers'

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