Monday, August 05, 2013

get a good start

Getting a good start to the day, to your run, to the game... whatever can be very important. Starting well helps you to finish well. There is no automatic connection between these two. It requires the hard wired concentration of the individual to perform well.

Getting the performance of a team all on the same page is a challenge. This is a challenge that a coach faces everyday.The success of the team depends upon the coach to structure the overall practice and build up to a competition and the competitive performance is what is talked about. The 'public' doesn't see the performance in practice. The competition results are what is seen and talked about.

The New England Revolution have started their past couple of games poorly. Both times giving up a goal in the opening minutes. One time they were able to recover and win. This last time, they were not able to recover. Frustrating!

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