Sunday, July 14, 2013

Running from Lincoln to Froyo

and more as we try to stay cool in the heat. A good long run (5 miles) today. Before the sun got too high and too strong. It was still warm and the humidity is what does me in.

partly shady on Jefferson Road
partly shady on Jefferson Road

I chose my route to provide me as much shade as the roads would allow. Jefferson Road in Franklin is a nice development. The sidewalk has a nice grassy stretch so I can alternate between the grass and the blacktop sidewalk. Both of which are softer than the concrete sidewalks on King and Washington Sts.

I finally caught up to viewing "Lincoln". As much as the promos touted battle scenes, I was a little surprised that the time period covered in the movie was only a few months early in 1865. Critical months for the 14th amendment to get passed. Clearly politics hasn't changed too much since then. There appear to be as many fools among the Congress now as there was then no matter what side of the aisle you favor.

We also managed to stop by FroyoWorld here in Franklin for the first time. It has already been open a year and we hadn't found our way there before. The concept is simple. Self serve frozen yogurt, you chose the flavors, fill the cup as much as you like and pay by the weight. The Dutch Chocolate was quite good. The NY Style cheese cake is better as a real cheese cake.

The cicadas are in full force outside. It is going to be a warm one. Stay cool where ever you are!

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