Sunday, June 23, 2013

Microwave only teased us then

and really did died recently. I wrote in Aug 2010 about getting a new microwave. The new one started dying in Oct 2012 and finally kicked the last bucket a couple of weeks ago. The ordeal to find and get a new one installed started ominously and ended nicely.

We had purchased the Samsung at Lowe's and returned there to look for the next one. They had very few black models on the floor. The sales person explained that stainless steel is the look everyone wants these days. She recommended using their website to find additional options for black models as that would be more expansive that what they had on the showroom floor. That made sense so I left to let my fingers do the rest of the walking.

I did find a couple of models that would be good replacements but the order and delivery time was going to be two or more weeks. Not exactly what I was hoping for. I turned to other websites and Home Depot came to the rescue. Their website was slick and easy to use. As I selected the model for the price I wanted, they provided options for home installation (yes) and removal of the old unit (yes) and better yet, allowed for a selection of installation dates. I was able to select a Saturday only a week away from the ordering and the order was processed. The total installation and removal of the old unit was less than Lowe's as well as sooner. That was definitely good. Now could they deliver?

new Maytag microwave from Home Depot
new Maytag microwave from Home Depot

I received the usual order confirmation email and then a follow up confirming the delivery date. On the day before delivery we received an automated voice message with instructions on the delivery window, confirming the delivery address, etc. On the day of delivery, we received another confirmation voice message with word that we would be receiving the final notification a half hour before they actually arrived. I was liking this notification process!

The final confirmation came in, they arrived 25 minutes later and 15 minutes after that were out the door with the old unit and packing materials leaving behind the new unit installed and operational.

Hurray! That is the kind of service delivery I can go for.

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