Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm on LinkedIn, now what?

The presentation document I used for the session at the recent Job Search Jam Sessions to answer the prime question: "I'm on LinkedIn, now what?"

The discussion moved quickly from the slides to LinkedIn itself where we covered a number of questions on the settings, how to change them, what they are good for, etc.

A second session continued to answer questions on LinkedIn and then got into more discussion around how to avoid sending your resume into the black hole. The short version of that is to submit it via the normal channels, customize your cover letter, include the key words of the position description, and then use the network to get someone or even better two folks to internally recommend you for the position. You need to get out of the pile to get the first interview.

Additional information on the Job Search Jam Sessions can be found on the webpage

Note: The major update needed for this presentation is that the LinkedIn RSS Feed was turned off in December 2013. RSS is still a worthwhile function on many websites.

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