Sunday, May 05, 2013

Chicago birdsongs - May 5th - (audio)

Recorded on the shores of Lake Michigan while on the morning run through Grant Park in Chicago.

Buckingham Fountain, Chicago
recording location
I was standing at the Buckingham Fountain when I stopped to record this morning.

The view around me - part 1 - Turning to the right of the fountain

Chicago skyline
Chicago skyline

part 2 - Turing back and then to the left of the fountain

Lake Michigan waterfront
Lake Michigan waterfront

part 3 - Turning directly to the east to face the rising sun would not have produced a picture worthy of sharing so I resumed running and found this line of trees worthy of stopping for

tree line
tree line

My favorite place is 'the bean' or officially called 'Cloud Gate'

Each time I come to SOBCon, I try to make a visit to cloud gate. It helps me focus and put things into perspective. We are so small in this big world.

What is SOBCon and why do I go? The answers can be found in this post that was a collaboration with my good friend Phil Gerbyshak

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