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"We" Cycle Times: Viral This Week

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Red Box with 2 Pink Rectangles: The Facebook Profile Pic Sweeping Across Social Media

This week's most popular Facebook profile picture

You might have noticed some of your Facebook Friends changing their profile picture over to the last couple of days to something that looks like the image above. Discover what it is and why celebrities and hundreds of thousands of people are adopting it as their Facebook profile picture…

Crowd-ing: "We" Strategies for Business Success  

Crowd-ing... what happens when the power of a crowd comes together?

Human connection. A touch. A glance. Their power is irrefutable. These are things that every human seeks. We are hardwired biologically to reach out and be a part of something greater than ourselves, to have someone see us, really see us. You may be wondering, "I can see how this affects my personal and home life, but how does a need for connection affect my business?" But how does it not affect your business? Read on to learn more…

"I'm Google" - A Visual Exploration of Google Image Search

I'm Google

Discover this online art exhibition by Dina Kelberman that takes seemingly random and mundane photos from Google Image Search and compiles them into such a way that truly conveys an awe-inspiring display of the power of community…

Fast Fashion - So Last Season?

Ethical Fashion

As the "We" cycle progresses, consumers no longer want "fast fashion" - cheap and plentiful clothing with origins that no one asked about, as was the case in the "Me" cycle. Brands are adapting to this change with the introduction of eco-friendly clothing lines. Check out how the red carpet is turning "green"…!

Staying In Touch With Social Culture

click through to watch the video

Social culture is a trend you need to follow to stay ahead in today's fast moving world of communication. Building a community means you need to use powerful words and images to make people think differently. If you're an active message spreader, it's your duty to do your best to get your message across and communicate with the social culture of now. Discover how…

Dear Gorilla - I Quit!

Getty Images

All is fair in love and photography? Well according to Thomas Hawk it isn't. He and other photographers have taken a stand against Getty Images with its "Me" Cycle ways. See how the drama unfolded…

Societal Values During The "Me" and "We" cycles of the Pendulum

Me values

Check out these brilliant images that simply and concisely convey the prevalent social values during each cycle (100% Creative Commons so please share and use freely!)


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