Saturday, April 06, 2013

Musical connections

I shared this on the Googe+ PodCamp WesternMass group this morning after finding the link via Facebook. The podcast will be one I'll likely add to my recurring drive time list.

Here is an interesting concept that would be worth exploring. Doesn't need to be done all at once. In fact, as folks do this over time would really help to keep the conversation going in so many ways. 
What is the concept? The Friday Five - started by +Tom Webster he interviews folks who tell of the five songs they have a story to tell about how it came to them or brings them special memories, etc.  
How would we do it here? We can skip the formal interview part and just share the songs (including the Spotify playlist) with the story behind the songs. The conversation around the songs we share would be interesting. we'll likely find some common songs, some common performers, and of course some new ones that while we may not have heard of them before want to explore. 
How does that sound? You can listen to Tom interview the wonderful +Tamsen Webster as she reveals her five. I have my five songs ready and should have the stories behind them later this weekend. 

Here is the link to The Friday Five with Tom Webster and Tamsen Webster

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