Monday, March 18, 2013

Deja Brew: cap codes

When I posted about our bottling efforts, I neglected to include the all important cap codes. Yes, we save money on fancy labels and use a marker to code the cap with the bottle contents. A quick and easy way to know what you have to drink and helps to ensure that each case has the proper number of each (depending upon how we do the bottling).

beer cap codes
beer cap codes

Anyway, the cap codes for our recent batch are as follows:
G = Goibniu = A Great rendition of a true Scottish Ale 
LB = Ludwig Brau = Nice and smooth Octoberfest style beer… Yep, ACBBD 
SN = SN Robust Porter = A dark porter with a creamy head, and malty smooth finish 
SR = Steel Rail Pale Ale = Knock off of BBC's flagship beer. An excellent brew 
blank = Saranick's Black & Tan = It defies description. A knockoff of Saranac's black & tan. Stout & lager hybrid

There was no cap code for Ron’s Redhook ESB = Our version of the Redhook ESB. This is the kettle we had the problem with that will be remade sometime (and we did have a cap code designated but ended up not using it).

note: the empty bottles are stored bottoms up! This helps to keep them clean for reuse next time.

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