Monday, March 11, 2013

Compass Lite

From my RSS Feed from TechCocktail I find this

Compass Lite is a free web app that asks users to choose between  “Me?” or “Not Me?” by way of a visual slider that presents a set of character traits and/or tasks. This winnowing down leads users to an interactive display of career opportunities that match the user’s personality, organized by education level.  Detailed information about careers, salary ranges, career outlook, and academic programs are offered as well. 
This is a far cry from searching through lists of majors and careers, or making career decisions based on projected salary. It’s easy to lose track of time choosing between “Me?” or “Not Me?” and before you know it, you’re presented with an interactive dashboard tailored to your answers – with actionable recommendations.

As an experiment of one, I tried the survey answering me or not me for each photo. Quick and easy, it seemed to peg me pretty well.

How does this work for you?

Note: it seems to require a login via your Facebook account. I didn't find a way other than that. It does let you select how you'll broadcast the updates (and for the trial I selected "only me").

You can try Compass Lite here

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