Monday, February 25, 2013

DejaBrew: roiling boil (video)

The Band of Brewers were at DejaBrew on Friday night brewing up six kettles. One old favorite (Goibniu) and five new beers were our selection this time. I can hardly wait to see what they taste like. They certainly sound great.

Goibniu = A Great rendition of a true Scottish Ale
Ludwig Brau = Nice and smooth Octoberfest style beer… Yep, ACBBD
Ron’s Redhook ESB = Our version of the Redhook ESB
SN Robust Porter = A dark porter with a creamy head, and malty smooth finish
Steel Rail Pale Ale = Knock off of BBC's flagship beer. An excellent brew
Saranick's Black & Tan = It defies description. A knockoff of Saranac's black & tan. Stout & lager hybrid

I had the kettle with the Ludwig Brau. Here is a photo of it with a rolling boil just after the first hops were added.

And since a photo doesn't do the rolling boil justice, let's try a short video


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