Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1st Anniversary

Time does fly.

One year ago today, Dad (Gerald Sherlock) left us to rejoin Mom (Rita) and dance together again. I am sure they are having a heck of time catching up on things.

I went back to quietpoet.com, to review my "visiting Dad" series of sherku. Only a minor modification to one was required (to settle the syllables better on the lines.) The sense and sentiment of the time I think I captured.

Those moments came back to me. I know where I was. I see and hear what was around me. Then but as if I was back there, as if it was all real again.

And yet, it is today, a year later.

Join me if you will.
Spend a few moments visiting with Dad.

The collection can be found here

Jerry's Story has two special notes today

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