Friday, December 28, 2012

Make it easy

End of December, almost the new year. Coincidentally the refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced and my membership renewal for WGBH is also due. Which one do you think is easier to do?

If you think that the renewal of a donation as a returning member would be easier than ordering a part for the refrigerator, you'd be wrong.

Sears and their parts direct operation sent a post card with the reminder that the water filter is due to be replaced. They included the part number (duh, they had it, we have ordered it every six months for several years) and an offer for free shipping if we signed up for an automatic renewal!

Done deal!

WGBH on the other hand, while they sent a reminder I also have a couple of other ones from them, some with the correct (i.e original member number) and others with a different number and yet another with out a number (clearly a targeted mailing).

Now, I have been renewing my membership for longer than I have been ordering the water filter yet the process has not improved. Hence, the multiple mailings. Even when you sign in to your online account, and go to the membership renewal page, you still have to input the member number (which is optional as they want the money more than they want to ensure you keep the same member number).

Kudos to Sears!

Sorry 'GBH, maybe someday you'll create a better user renewal experience

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