Friday, September 28, 2012

5 for Friday

I haven't done this in a while so let's review five things that I found today

I occasionally hear that Agile is the silver bullet and will solve all engineering problems. In some cases, someone in management heard about Agile and figured it could be a quick fix to solve the challenges within their organization. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. While Agile methods can help you adapt to customer needs and deliver more effective customer value, one key benefit that I find is that Agile shines a very bright halogen spotlight on the many ailments of an organization or product team.
More about Agile can be found with Mario

Agile Halogen Spotlight


I was not disappointed. Here, please find 5 networking tips from Ben and Reid that you haven’t heard before. Start using them today, before you actually need them and before everyone else gets in on the secret. And don’t cringe, some of these sound fun, even for us introverts.
Alexandria Levitt goes on to explain the five she found

5 Never-Heard Networking Tips

Now granted, I’m a fairly change-resistant individual. I admit it. But even knowing this about myself, and factoring it into my analysis, I’m still struggling to understand why LinkedIn felt compelled to make this sudden adjustment to the site. It not only adds a big, ugly, and awkward section to the profile as a whole — with these imposing blue button-like graphics they’ve now added – but I guess I also don’t get the business reasons behind adding this new functionality. What’s the harm in continuing to take people at face value in terms of letting people outline their strengths and tell the world what they’re good at? Why is there the sudden need to add this “stamp of legitimacy” to each and every individual skill, given that we’ve already got a “Recommendations” feature in place that allows people to vouch for the people around them?
Read more from Matt Youngquist on what LinkedIn has done with the skills and recommendations

LinkedIn Tip: Skills & Expertise Endorsements

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