Friday, August 03, 2012

Thoughts on the run - 8

Franklin has been on the single stream recycling process now for 2 years. My how time does fly! By all accounts, it is going very well. Trash tonnage is down, recycling is up, the solid waste fee is down, the totters were paid off early. All goodness!

I noticed a good feature of the totter design as I ran around on trash day. The route I happened to be running was the same as one of the trucks so we played tag for a bit. He'd stop to handle a bin, I'd pass him. He catch up, etc. I eventually crossed the street to get out of his way and let him do what he needed to do.

The bins line up so nicely. The street does look much better than it used to with everybody having a different color and configuration of bins and bags on the sidewalk.

One aspect I hadn't noticed before was with the different color lids and how the bins look after the truck has passed. It is easy to tell if the truck has come by or not.

I have seen more of the surrounding communities go this way for their trash. I hope their program is as successful as Franklin's.

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