Wednesday, August 08, 2012

All the Saints

High school reunion time. Yes, it has been more a few years since I have been there. I was actually fortunate to have coached at St Raphael Academy for several years before changing direction. Coming out of college, I was going to be the world's greatest English teacher. Spent almost six years working as a substitute teacher and track coach before switching to the business world.

I enjoyed those years teaching and coaching. I don't regret having moved on to the world of business. I have ended up teaching in many more subtle ways as a manager. And now the chance to go to my high school reunion. Wow! 40 years - how time does fly!

There are some missing among my class. If the ways of the web today can help to find them, or them find us, maybe they'll see this and join us for the reunion.

The 'missing' classmates for the class of 1972
Paul Berard
Tom Bray
Norm Chretien
John Clarke
Pat Gannon
Marc Gentes
Terry Gore
Paul Hartmann
Wayne Johnson
Jim Kenyon
Ray Lareau
Bob McCallum
Tod McKenna
Don Nadeau
Pete Nichola
Mark O'Malley
Dennis Paiva
Steve Pertuso
Bob Reilly
Mike Ryan
Ray Salois
Mike Schoenberger
Glenn Surkont
Larry Tedeschi
Steve Thurston
Alan Vincent
Alec Wardyga

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