Thursday, July 05, 2012

St Catherine's Cemetery, Moscow, PA

Stopped in this cemetery on the way home from the Proulx family wedding to find Dad Proulx's sister's resting place.

The cemetery was easy enough to find. We were going to meet someone there who could help us find the spot but then we arrived during lunch time. I decided to take some pictures while waiting ans started exploring.

Took a photo of this statue and looking around realized there were ground markers for all the grave sites in this section. They were all marked with the names of sisters and appeared to be in date order of their passing.

Where I was standing was in the 1930's, so I started walking to find the 40's, then 50's and so forth. I recalled that Mom had mentioned that she remembered it being near a tree. As I walked, I stayed closer to the tree line and voila, there it was!

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