Monday, June 04, 2012

You are your network!

On the network theme, have your looked at your LinkedIn network? Did you know you could?

Yes, you can. LinkedIn Labs has a visualization tool that takes your connections and shows how they inter-relate with each other. This can be a very powerful way to see what you have and what to do next.

You may recall my story of having left Fidelity at the end of 2008 with most of my 200 connections from Fidelity. Knowing what I knew about the changes and the likelihood of getting back there permanently, I needed to expand my network. Methodically, I did grow my network to over the 900 connections I have today by focusing on the other areas of my interest, particularly social media , local journalism (place blogging), and non-profit volunteering.

As I participated in the various New England PodCamps and other unconferences, I made connections to grow my network.

What does your network look like?

Where should you expand?

You can step up your InMap here

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