Thursday, June 07, 2012

Team work takes practice!

When I was a kid, I always loved a parade.

Sherlock & cousins '62 parade

Yes, the tall kid in the back on your left, that's me - then.

I especially liked the precision rifle drill teams. The ones that marched in formation and did maneuvers twisting and turning, staying in step, not bumping into each other, once in awhile tossing their rifles to each other, never dropping them.

Team work like that takes practice. I know, I eventually joined a rifle drill team. It is hard work. And worthwhile when it all comes together.

At the recent Memorial Day parade in Franklin, there were no precision drill teams. A couple of the school bands had flag twirlers. That is about as close as can you get today.

Franklin, MA: Memorial Day Parade - 2012

How is your team work? Are you on the same page? What are your doing to practice?

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