Monday, June 18, 2012

here and elsewhere!

There are other places to find where I write. Some of you know those, some new readers may not be as familiar so this will be a quick refresher.

My regular updates on what is happening that matters in Franklin, MA can be found on I focus primarily on the town budget (follow the money) which means I spend as much time as I can among the Finance Committee meetings, the Town Council and the School Committee.

I also write a weekly summary of the Franklin happenings at

As I find good information for those still looking for work, I share that on the Job Search Jam Sessions webpage here

While my father has passed on to a better place, some of the family history is being kept on his page - Jerry's Story:

I do run regularly but have been posting less regularly on my running blog, Passionate Runner

And in a quiet moment, when I allow the muse to speak, I can capture those poetic thoughts on my poetry blog:

So if you come here and find Steve's 2 Cents quiet, there may be other places where I have been busy!

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