Friday, May 04, 2012

SOBCon 2012 - Tim Sanders

My notes from Tim Sanders session at #SOBCon

quotes Nick Morgan, “the only reason to give a speech is to change the world”
find a mission that is worthy of success
elevate your purpose, it changes everything in your life

transparency and access,two things that the internet brings
your  higher purpose is either your secret sauce or the missing ingrediant

purpose is about being intentional
mission is what and for whom, vision is how we are going to get there

Net Minds, wants to make publishing fair
enthusiasm, quotes Dan Pink’s “Drive” real enthusiasm comes from a sense of meaning

must be a leader to drive engagement

story of the 3 workers on a scaffold
originates with Christopher Wren, architect

purpose will shield against criticism
maintains your focus

3 things to succeed

  • have a higher purpose
  • have passion for the purpose
  • have focus for the purpose

put the purpose on the table to show the why behind the what

Southwest tickets to nowhere story

your purpose doesn't have to be original but must be organic

“if you don’t know the asshole in your industry, you are the one”

how do you leverage all this?
hire for purpose
make purpose part of the process
leadership, think of measuring yourself differently
marketing, how do you share the story?

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