Sunday, May 06, 2012

SOBCon 2012 - Les McKeown

How to Find the Predictable Opportunities
Featured Faculty: Les McKeown, bestselling author of Predictable Success.

rate of information over the rate of pattern recognition creates a bubble of profundity
and a time of perplexity
6 blind men elephant story, we are all 400 billion of us trying to make sense of what is happening now

second voice, internal monologue, the inner dialog, usually negative, not helpful

polluting the ability to think straight, avoiding the ability to think period
break back through the 3rd voice to silence the 2nd voice

seven stages of business

  1. early struggle
  2. fun
  3. white water
  4. predictable success
  5. treadmill
  6. the big treadmill
  7. death rattle

Charlie Gilkey
think not what new ideas I have but what do I need to understand these ideas

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