Friday, May 25, 2012

Jobs on the mind heading into the weekend

The economic recovery is slow and will continue to be according to what I see and understand of the markets. The effect of lobbying dollars can tip the scale one way or the other, where ever the more dollars are, and the overall impact can have unintended consequences.

Keeping in touch with my network is a constant reminder of how fragile the economy is. So many well qualified folks are either still out for a long time, or recently coming out and starting to look around. Either way, the outlook is not promising.

You work for your retirement and plan for having what you think will cover you. There is always some uncertainty as you don't control the cost side of the equation, you only control what you worked for an earned. Until you find out someone can break that contract too!

Not a very pleasant picture heading into this long weekend. Do find some time to relax, drive safely and have some fun. You will need to be refreshed to come back to whatever challenges remain in front of you on Tuesday!

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