Saturday, May 19, 2012

Deja Brew: bottling night

I took a turn on the cleaning crew Friday night. We went through all the bottles to run them in the sanitizer before putting them on the trees and out for the bottlers to use.

The evening moved along quickly and about an hour and a half later, all 6 kettles were bottled and ready for the ride home.

Now don't get the wrong idea, I did not bring home all 6 kettles. No, the shares were divided up among the "Band of Brewers" and I took home two shares (6 cases).

The cap codes for the 6 kettles are as follows:

B + Broken Spring - ACBBD - Light color & body, with a nice hops finish
G = Gene's IPA - An Imperial Style IPA, high in alcohol and high in hops
H = Hazelnut Brown Ale - The beer that won the Sam Adam’s Longshot competition!
L = Laberis Liberty Barley Wine - A customer designed barley wine. Very hoppy!
blank = Sammy's Octoberfest - A slightly dark dark even keeled beer leaves a soft malty feeling on your tongue
S = Sweet Cream Ale - A cream ale with a mild hoppy sweet flavor.

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