Monday, April 30, 2012

Update your LinkedIn profile

If you are looking for work, you are probably spending some time in your LinkedIn profile, connecting with folks, etc. If you are comfortable with your current position, you should still spend some time on your LinkedIn profile to update it.

I happened to stop by my profile last week and realized that as a result from some of the changes that LinkedIn had made recently, that my profile was no longer considered 100% complete!


I am still not sure exactly why. LinkedIn did prompt me to confirm my current position. It also wanted me to "Update my profile" with a series of questions on each section of the profile.

I went to my Settings, turn off profile notifications, and then went to work. (Why turn off the profile notifications? If I had not, then each of the changes would have been broadcast to my connections. When I was done tweaking, I turned the notifications back on and made one last update to send the notification update once, rather than many times.)

One problem I encountered along the way is that if you do have recommendations tied to a position that you want to move to the new volunteer section, it won't allow you to re-link those recommendations. The volunteer section doesn't appear in the "positions held" drop down to align your recommendations. I did manage to replace my Franklin Matters volunteer position and reconnect the recommendations that I had received associated with my effort there. Maybe in the near future, LinkedIn will provide the capabilityand I can move this volunteer effort to the volunteer section.

My current public profile looks like this

If we are not yet connected and have met some where along the way, let's connect. Send me a personalized invite.

Either way, spend some time to freshen up your profile!

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