Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SOBCon needs a song!

SOBCon is around the corner. Watching the hashtag, you can see that folks are talking up the event. All the good networking, learning, sharing, and of course singing that will occur over the weekend.

Now, I must disclose that I am not a singer. I have been told that I can't carry a note but there is a power to music that draws me in all the time.

But I do think that SOBCon needs a song!

Let's pick a song where the music is in the public domain. Where the tune is recognizable and rewrite the lyrics for SOBCon.

As samples of what I have been crazy enough to do, I offer up the following:

(To the tune of Neil Diamond's "Solitary Man")

“Twitterholic Man”

@linda was mine
‘Til the time
That I found her

tweeting Jim
retweeting him

Then @Sue came along
DM’d with me
That’s what I sought
Me and @Sue
But that died too

Don’t know that I will
But until I can find me
The girl who’ll stay
And won’t twitter behind me
I’ll be what I am
Twitterholic man
Twitterholic man

2009 Sherlock’s Foolish Music, Inc. (MADCAP Records)

One of a series of Music for a Hot August Night

And yes, this example is not a good one as the music is not yet in the public domain. There are plenty of good songs that are in the public domain. There must be one we can re-work to be the SOBCon song!

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