Thursday, February 02, 2012

Random thoughts

Busy times with Food Pantry Board of Directors work - slogging through formative documents, defining process and procedure to meet our needs today and set up for what comes later, when perhaps none around the table will be there. Not easy work getting all to the same page.

The Town Council approved the date for the debt exclusion vote (Mar 27th) and the text that was forced upon us by the state leaves out the dollar amount so it seems to be approving a 'blank check'. Who in their right mind would do such a thing is beyond me at the moment. The challenge will now be to convince folks it is a good deal and is bounded cost wise by other measures. Could have been so much simpler.

Dad's health issues haven't improved much recently. A new scan may provide some insights either today or tomorrow on his status.

Be good, learn something today. Share it in a meaningful way with someone and find a laugh or two! Doing at least these three things will make the day a success!

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