Saturday, December 24, 2011

Deja Brew: Band of Brewers - update

The "Band of Brewers" gathered to bottle six more kettles on Monday evening at Deja Brew. The process was a little more hectic as we tried to keep everyone's bottles with them. There was more standing around and not having the 6th bottling station alive didn't help. All worked out in the end and the beer shares went out the door in reasonable time.

The cap code for the 6 kettles is show below. We have now done 178 kettles for 102 unique beers in the 5 years since we started this.

Trivia question: Which one of the first three beers we made have we NOT re-made?

A = Abbott's Weizenbock - A pale bock, this recipe is very popular
S = Evil Santa's Ale - High in alcohol and hoppiness! A new type of hop for us
C = Hearty Christmas Ale - A hearty Ale, spicy, flavorful and inviting!
O = Old Peculiar - Dark and rich, with a unique creamy, buttery finish
W = Old Tyme Winter Warmer - A beer to keep you warm on those cold nights
blank cap = Chocolate Cream Stout - A nice beer to relax with after a hard days work


Trivia Answer = Crazed and Confused

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