Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall windows washing

The weather cooperated. It was sunny and breezy and not too cool to have the windows open. Saturday was designated washing the windows day for the Sherlock house. Ideally, they would be done each year at least but we are struggling to remember the last time we did this.

It was a team effort. I'd take the storm windows off. Put the windows half open up and down. Yes, there is a method to this. I am tall enough to reach from the inside to the outside to wash the outside.

Before: the dirty window

If you can't reach a small step stool can help. Wash the outside top. Slide the inside window up. Was the bottom outside first then the inside. Slide the outside window all the way down.

Wash the outside of the inside window on the top, then the inside top.

Slide the outside window all the way up. Slide the inside window half down and wash the outside then the inside. Unless, I missed one, that should do it.

Your team mate can be cleaning the storm windows. As they are complete, put them back in and move on to the next window.

After: the clean window

There is something about a clean window! Makes the world appear much better.

The four of us did 30 windows and 259 panes of glass in a collaborative effort with a break for lunch.

Now my arms need to rest!

How often do you wash your windows?

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