Thursday, October 06, 2011

Bother to show up

"In it to win it"

"Takes two to tango"

"fill the void"

There are other phrasings that also apply here. Why?

Just reflecting on the ramifications of the decision of the School Committee to be a 'no show' for the Town Council meeting on Wednesday night.

The Town Council were allowed to say whatever they wanted. They knew before the meeting that the School Committee was not going to show up. They had time to prepare. They could talk all they want without a counter point.

Had anyone from the School Committee been there, the conversation would have been different.

Trust starts with respect.

The School Committee for my 2 cents has made a poor choice by not showing up. Their choice has now colored the conversation. Instead of focusing on the good work that has been done, or the good work that could be done (with interest based bargaining), the School Committee has put themselves in a defensive posture explaining why they didn't bother to show up.

Not a good thing to do anytime.

Oh, and should I mention that there is an election scheduled for Nov 8th!

Note: additional details on the Town Council meeting and the School Committee's 'no show' can be found on Franklin Matters

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