Saturday, October 08, 2011

6 Kettles at DejaBrew

The "Band of Brewers" were bottling on Friday night at DejaBrew. We brought home the following 6 beers:

Harvest Spice -   Yummy fall pumkin flavoured beer that everyone craves for the Fall (with pumpkin liquor) P

Eric’s Imperial Stout - Immensely rich with a burnt-currant character High Alcohol - E

Fruhling Fest - ACBBD  Friendship Fest beer. A very nice O’fest style. F

Sammy's Octoberfest - A slightly dark dark even keeled beer leaves a soft malty feeling on your tongue S

Bubba Jugs Pale Ale - A nice beer, rich & creamy, with a nice little hop finish B

Hirschgarden Marzen - An Oktoberfestbier. A nice deep amber color and malty sweetness  H

DejaBrew - the kettles

The letter at the end is the cap code to show what beer inside

By my count this brings us to 170 kettles with 99 unique recipes.