Thursday, September 08, 2011

Share your job search story

If you want to do more to explore social media tools, there is an opportunity to blog!

In the session on "Exploring Social Media Tools", the discussion was lively and wide ranging. Blogs provide an opportunity to position yourself with content creation. Twitter provides a link for Google with only 140 characters. LinkedIn is for professional networking. Facebook is used more for family and friends. Google+ is the new kid on the block with opportunities to make an impact. This is a quick summary that does not do full justice to the discussion. It does provide an indication of the give and take. Most in the room participated in one or more of the tools mentioned.

This site serves a dual purpose. One it provides a publication vehicle for my 'job search notes'. Two, it provides a central base point for the Job Search Jam Session events.

To further your own exploration of social media, if you want to do a guest post on your job search efforts, to share a tip or two on what you have found, this is one place you can do so. You can dip your toe into the water and see if you like it. The site is already established, you won't have to worry about setting it up or anything related to getting started. You can focus on creating the post.

Your point of view is just as important as the next person's. Being ready and able to state your case is one of the key factors for long term success.

Providence, RI - water view

Send me an email expressing your interest and we can take it from there. If the guest post works well for you, you can consider becoming a regular contributor here, or going off and establishing your own site. Either way, I'll be able to provide support and help.

So do you want to share your story?

This was originally posted to the Job Search Jam Sessions website

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