Friday, August 19, 2011

What is your beach view?

Friday has rolled around again. Last Saturday I spent some time relaxing on Front Beach in Rockport, MA. This Saturday will bring a batch of things to do around the house here in Franklin.

Front beach - Rockport

I recall one speaker many years ago (so long ago, I have forgotten his name but not his point) who claimed that if you were not on vacation you needed to be planning your next vacation. Or words to that effect.

While I understand his intent and liked the sentiment then, upon reflection this should not need to be. This seems to make more sense if work doesn't matter, if what you are doing is simply preparing you for vacation. In this case, then going from one vacation to the next is a good thing. It will help you survive.

But what about having something good to do, making good progress on that direction/objective, day after day? Wouldn't that be better?

What is your beach view?

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