Monday, July 25, 2011

Three C's in Beantown

The second annual WordCamp Boston was held this weekend on the campus of Boston University. What is WordCamp? A real diverse gathering of folks with a single unifying interest, WordPress. An unconference focused on the tool as the gathering point, the subject matter, the content.

Once you gather folks around content, you get conversation! It just happens. It is a human thing. People talk. What do you do? How did you do that? You don't say, I know so and so too!

The conversations can go in many directions and many do. The conversations can be short. A passing "hello, how are you?" in a corridor or just get started over a question. To be continued by exchanging contact information with whatever is handy when business cards are not available.

The conversations occur in forums like this. In scheduled meet ups. Online in any number of places utilizing any number of tools. Over time the conversations build a community. It grows organically. People step forward to lead, others having done what they wanted to do can step aside. Some folks participate more than others. All of this is known and understood as a human thing.

There are many opportunities for these kinds of gatherings, folks coming together to learn and share. PodCamp Boston will occur on Sep 24, 25. Spread out your radar to look for key words in your subject area. Follow up with the folks you met, ask them "where else will they go?"

The first step is yours.


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