Saturday, July 23, 2011

every other day

Every other day. Gee, that sounds familiar!
This time around, Ms. Nyad, an accomplished marathon swimmer and sportscaster, is taking no chances. She has trained harder — for a year and a half — and changed her regimen. Rather than swim every day, she swims every other day. Last year, she completed a 24-hour swim in Mexico.
The bold is for my emphasis. Swimming is great exercise, in some ways better on the body than running, in other ways, running is better. In either case, that is not really the point here.

The point here is the "every other day" concept. A form of the 'hard/easy' principle. A staple of most good programs and a key contributor for the FIRST Program. I have written much about it elsewhere but want to share it here for two reasons.

One, the principle is one to really consider and follow. Based upon my own experience, it works. Diana has found this to be also!

Two, what an inspiration Diana is! I applaud her effort and drive. I wish her all the best!

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