Tuesday, July 19, 2011

combine learning and sharing

Cruising among the RSS Feeds today, I have time to share #the5

"I tried Bittman's grain recipe this afternoon with barley, with perfect results"   

"If you're strapped for topic ideas, consider turning to your organization's events for some inspiration"  

"I vaguely remember reviewing such a piece and approving its submission"  

"My first project – building a non-permanent wine bottle path in my back yard"  what if a bottle breaks? 

"Forty-four percent of communications staff members said they spend up to 10 percent of their time"  

And a bonus alert for Franklin to this scam confirmed by two neighbors on Monday.

Using more whole grains is something we have been trying in our household for some time now. I'll add these recipes to our "to be tried" listing. One way to keep ideas handy is to write them down, or post them online in a place where you can find them again. Hence, a bunch of the things I do share (via Twitter) can be found again. Links to whole websites can be found via Diigo or Delicious. Pictures via Flickr or Picasa. Keeping notes helps to avoid vague remembrances. The wine bottle recycling project looks interesting. I wonder how easy it would be to replace a broken one? Time is one valuable and precious resource. How do you prioritize your time? How much time do you spend sharing? How much time do you spend learning? Is there a way you can combine the learning and sharing? This will help be more efficient and helpful at the same time!

What do you think?

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