Monday, July 18, 2011

5 for Monday - goal

Time for #the5 before I head out to work:
"My children will not be a conduit through which our resources become trash!"

"All the tweets about Twitter, and the best ways to use tweets, can get overwhelming"  

"It all begins with a goal: what do you want to accomplish using social media?"  

"issues they’ve encountered in trying to comply with the Rule when they helped consumers with short sales"

Yes, there will be another Job Search Jam Session - hold the date for Sep 2!
Michelle explores packing lunches for her family in Bento boxes. She keeps the basic problem, getting folks to eat good food in mind when packing the lunch. All the tips in the world on how to use some shinny object still need to keep this in mind. What is the goal? What is the problem we are trying to solve? If you focus on that and keep coming back to it, absorbing feedback along the way, you'll make good progress.

And the final note, is to hold the date for Sep 2. The Friday before the Labor Day weekend. What is so special about that? Another Job Search Jam Session will be held in Hopkinton. Labor Day weekend is meant to celebrate those who labor although more recently, it has come to mean more the end of summer. With so many folks still looking for work and the economy still sluggish, let's spend some time to share what we have learned on the job search with those who are still searching. For me, it will be a vacation day well spent.

If you are in the greater Franklin/Hopkinton area and want to help out, please let me know!

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