Friday, July 01, 2011

5 for Friday - body mind

Time for #the5

"Because what doesn’t matter drops away, creating more space to explore what does matter"  
Jonathan Fields has good advice int his posting. Yes, it is a prioritization. But a special kind. Creating space for what does matter should be part of our regular life. Why wait?

"Great Marketing is about telling great stories and making those stories easy to share"  goodness from  
In this one, Mitch Joel summarizes Seth Godin. If you don't spend time keeping up with either of these two, you should reconsider and learn a whole bunch regularly. I know I do.

Relay for Life: Franklin, MA 6/10/11

"movement gets blood flood to brain and people wake up if they’re in an information overload coma"   
As a life long runner, the body mind connection I have been well aware of and very interested in continuing to learn more. Beth is spot on with this insight. You might also check on the OnBeing podcast, Krista Tippett talks about healthy minds in this episode with Richard Davidson. Good stuff.

"But for now, if you’re on the hunt for a new assignment, make sure you check LinkedIn’s Jobs page"  
This was one of my tips along the job search. I must have missed Matt Youngquist note on not bothering to use the function as the jobs were found elsewhere. I am glad I did catch this update that jobs on LinkedIn are NOT found elsewhere.

"When not done right, this little speech can kill your chances for further discussion"  good tips on the pitch! 
Along the lines of the job search, the elevator pitch is handy to have, period. Even if you are working, when someone comes up at a party, what do you say when they ask you what do you do? How do you answer? This post is just one of many with some tips on what to say when.

To summarize our cruise amongst the five for today, I would say that there is a body mind connection. Keeping the body fit with movement will keep the mind alert to what is happening around you. You can be at your best when marketing yourself, knowing when to provide your pitch and when not. You'll be better prepared to tell your story in a way that they will remember you for it. May even remember you for when they have a great opportunity right up your alley!

I think it is worth a try.

What have you learned that you can share today?

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