Monday, June 13, 2011

Solutions are found with work and collaboration

The theme that seems to run through #the5 today is about relationships and brands, the how and how many. These also explore the gap between what you pay for and what is free. Nothing is easy these days, whether free or paid for. There is no silver bullet. There is no simple solution. Solutions are found with work and collaboration, togetherness is powerful.

"maybe just for today, the personal branders lose. And the King has no throne"  from  

"my notion of “baby dunbars” applies to the ability to focus on a certain number of relationships"  from  

"My goal is to I give you 91% of everything I know how to do for free"   

"It's equally fascinating to read how individuals dissect and analyze a story"   

"another free tool for creating audio messages to share on the web"   uses this! 

What have you learned that you can share today?

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