Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Google Maps Oddity

Google maps behaves differently when you as a user are logged in versus when you are not logged in. This makes sense. When logged in, your account and other functions should be enabled so you can do more.

If only this were really the case. I have found one instance where logging in to your account actually provides less functionality.

Case in point:
Go to Google maps, pull up an address and select the link to grab the code to embed the map on a website.

When logged in, I get this code (see red circle, which won't work for an embed):

When not logged in, I get this choice of code. In this case, the code choice (see red circle) includes the all important embed code:

Do you see this experience as well?

I wonder why it is this way?

Updated: as noted by Geoffrey in the comments, you need to turn off the Short URL in Maps Labs to show the two link options. With the Lab feature on, it only shows one. Thanks!

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