Thursday, June 23, 2011

5 for Thursday - quality

Time for #the5 - let's see what we find today:

"total numbers of followers is meaningless – anyone can get a bunch of followers pretty easily"   
The volume has never really been important, who and why is definitely more important.

"In the dance of life, money follows your lead. You win by picking the right dance contest"   
Money follows your lead, assuming the music follows your instinct!

"convinced the people who use the most jargon have the least confidence in their ideas"  goodness from  
This related to my finding that the people who are most passionate about something have something to hide.

tech alert: "It's a shame that more people don't know about this utility"  
First I heard of this one so it seems like something to mark and save for when needed!

"avoid controversy when embedding YouTube videos by DISABLING related videos"  a good how to - 
This is a good how to. I generally do this having found that the related links are not always so related as they were intended!

And a bonus link for today:

"Videos on can now be viewed on the iPhone and iPad, as well as all standard browsers that support HTML5" 
And while we are on video, the resources available at are impressive. I have used them to host some audio for webinars and to host the video of the Franklin Library tour. Spend sometime exploring there!

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