Friday, June 03, 2011

5 for Friday - planning

5 for Friday, let's get started. I need to get my run in before heading off to work today!

"Unrelated experience can sometimes involve transferable skills that actually relate quite well to the new job"  
Look to the skills you have acquired and how they could be used elsewhere!

"we each have unique and rich experiences in life to share today"  
If you tweet, check out Christopher Penn's post on #the5 and join the sharing.

"Master the Ten P’s, and notice that steps one through seven are actually before the actual webinar"  
webinars can be very effective and do require planning as the challenges of delivery change from ebing in the room with the people.

"you have to practice judgment and restraint so your reader doesn’t get overwhelmed"  
The hardest thing to do sometimes is to cut out this or that from your resume or profile, because it is you. But it needs to be done!

What do you want to do for a living? The US Dept of Labor has crafted this website "My Next Move" to help  
The Dept of Labor gets into the interactive website act with this decision tool. I'll need to explore it a bit to see how well it works. Have you used this?

Ouch, we'll miss you Marko! "out for six to nine months as he recovers from knee surgery"  
And the bonus for today is actually bad news for the NE Revolution.

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