Friday, June 17, 2011

5 for Friday - paying for attention

The alarm went off this morning. I rolled over and wanted to stay in bed. Wednesday night was later than normal. The NE Revolution home game started at 8:00 PM. Then we got home in time to see the Bruins finish Game 7 and celebrate their Stanley Cup win. Yesterday was a bottling night for the "Band of Brewers". I came home to prepare a pasta salad for the potluck lunch at work today.

In the shower I woke up to realize I shouldn't have showered tight away. This was supposed to be a running day. Oh well, I can run after work today. It won't be a missed day. It will be a different schedule day.

There is time for #the5 before heading off to work.

"the  have got to get someone to finish the job up top " creating chances is good, need to finish to win! 
I have a post in draft on the #Revs move to the 4-4-2 (instead of the 4-5-1) and how good a move it is. They are creating chances, they struggle to finish them. So frustrating! They need to get back to the basics. Forget the frustration (yes, that is the hard part). They need to focus on the task at hand (also a hard part). If they feel the pressure to score, they won't score.

"Here are six smallish case studies that show you something interesting about mobile marketing"   shares 
Case studies are good examples to learn from. Maybe everything won't apply to your situation but there should be something to take away.

"blocks all Internet traffic for a set amount of time that you decide and can’t change"   finds focus 
Finding time, making time to focus on your tasks can be hard. Do you need the kind of program CC found to help?

"a common one is sharing control of the official spokesperson role for the organization"   shares 
Sharing control? Sounds difficult for those who like to maintain control. Maybe you only had the illusion of control in the first place? In which case, sharing becomes easier!

"what we all should be doing to live healthier lives"  shares  on fitness
Health is a bottom line requirement. Without good health, the rest becomes that much more difficult.

And yes, another day where I lost count along the way to 5 so you get a bonus!

"we're probably paying with our attention, with attention that is turned into ad sales"   nails 
What are you paying attention to? How much opportunity cost is there for your attention?

I do hope you learn something by coming here. I do hope that you will share something that you have learned with someone else during the day. I do hope you find a good laugh! Laughter is good medicine, period!

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