Friday, June 10, 2011

5 for Friday - feedback is a gift

Time for #the5 today

VIPRE and VIPRE Premium are now available with PC lifetime licenses  a one time purchase covers you! 
I have been impressed with the usability of VIPRE. I have it installed on my netbook and am considering taking advantage of the new lifetime license for the family systems.

"the mass market has yet to fully embrace them" QR Codes  me: and I wonder if it will.  
Hubspot has a good summary of QR codes in this article. For me, the key is in the simplicity that is lacking currently. The summary says "can be installed on smartphones" - indeed, why aren't they? No wonder the mass market has yet to embrace them, they require too much technical work!

Sassafras leaves

"instead of asking what humans want to do most when trying to translate offline to online experiences"  
This Chris Brogan article gets more to the point on the same topic as the QR Codes article. How can you integrate the technology seamlessly into what people are doing already?

"the impermanence of the doodles is good news"  cool, Google turns on doodling for some ebooks! 
As an avid reader and long time lover of books, I did take care of mine and even hesitated to mark them for notes for school, etc. Here is an opportunity to have the best of both, the ability to mark up a book and then turn the page to present a new clean slate for the next reader!

"The unit is still the individual or the small group"  Steven B Johnson on "Where ideas come from" 
Exploring where ideas come from has long been an interest. The collaboration and synergy of working together is cool, especially when bringing together different viewpoints!

And a bonus for today
sherku: feedback - freely given/ feedback needs/ to be welcomed/ with flip charts/ and without judgement//   
If you open yourself to the feedback, take it freely. Don't judge it. Take it!

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