Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What color is your sandbox?

Time for #the5

Color code your Google Calendar events  me: yes, you can color your world! 
I don't approve of color coding in spreadsheets as that generally doesn't help with any sorting or filtering, but the visualization effect on a calendar is a good use.

Read, Run, Ride, Write  "to find the story that must be told"  from @
Dave Atkins has popped up to write of where he has been recently. Rhythm is something I have been finding does take time shifting to.

Chicago - trees just blooming

Not Speaking IS the New Black  @ with an entry in  today 
The text of Liz Strauss's closing remarks from SOBCon are now available for reading. There is a sherku coming later this week on this same topic.

Connecting Social Media Marketing with Buyer Behavior "they are not the preferred options" 
I need to spend more time with this study to digest it, marking it here for future reading.

What is the scaffolding for learning in public?  "networked learning happens in the context of an ecosystem" 
Creating the appropriate sandbox for learning and collaborating I do think is key to success of the learning/collaborating performed. One of the reasons that the unconference format works so well is that it can meet the needs of the folks involved in that particular content matter. One of the reasons there is some variability in success for unconferences is in the setup, creating the expectations for, enabling the proper use of the tools in the sandbox.

Bonus - another sherku from the SOBCon series:
sherku: Bigg Success - His laugh, her voice/ A great combo/ Working together/ Creating Bigg Success// @ @

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