Thursday, May 19, 2011

unfolding powered by wetness

Time for #the5

"When an object is moving fast, local detectors don't have much time to register a colour change"  
This optical illusion is slick. Helps to reinforce asking the question: "What do you base your reality upon?"

"Each was placed right shoulder down, left side up. In this way, all of the dead men faced Mecca"  
Death comes at unexpected times but adherence to ritual helps.

Dandelion blossom

"Facebook needs to keep its users actively engaged to continue driving page" views   
Facebook's growth curve seems to be finally settling. If true, then with penetration as far as they will go for now, the next levels of page view growth will come from existing users.

Take a quick survey? - This American Life  me: from the questions seems to be Bing sponsored 
When I have used Bing, every once in a while, it doesn't seem to be satisfactory for me. Do you use it? How does it work for you?

"paradox between the fragility of things and the disturbing potential of micro and nanotechnology"  
Simply a good experience. The patience and skill required to create such folds and then to see the unfolding powered by wetness, amazing!

A bonus link for today - for a good cause:
Vote to give this idea 50K: Purchase and maintain 15 cars over the course of a year through WWDF  

What have you learned that you want to share today?

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