Monday, May 16, 2011

Robert Fulghum for $1.00!

At Stop & Shop for the weekly food shopping, this sign caused me to do a double take.

Yes, the was the 90% sale sign

Yes, it is not often that you see such a sale. 90%! So what do they have?

There was this block of a book, actually two of them on the table. The authors name caught my eye. Robert Fulghum. Yes, he I have quoted often and read frequently. His essays are great writing. For him to have tackled the epic novel, well it can't be bad.

Robert Fulghum's Third Wish

And when I swiped the bar code, it really did come out as $1.00! I can't go wrong with all this for only a buck. I put the block into my cart and went back to the table to take the first photo here. As I did so a lady came over. "I saw you picked up the book, do you know the author?" I told her of what I know and that for a $1.00 I was surprised to find such a deal. I had almost considered getting the second copy but alas, I was too late. She snapped it right up.

You can read Robert's essays on his website here

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