Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The more I can learn, share, and laugh, the better the day!

Time for #the5 today:

"In the end, patience and understanding are key when advocating"  goodness from   
I would go so far as to say this applies to more than advocating...

"We need to take the time to revisit the ‘why?’ – it takes us to the very core of things"  
Using patience and understanding to work towards the why is better than being aggressive or hard nosed about asking "Why?"

"setting up the ability to accept payments from one's Website"  
Picking up on some of the technical details for accessibility, in particular, enabling web based payment systems for the Franklin Food Pantry is one of my current items.

"how they could possibly turn bottles into plants and such"  from  1 for 
This reminds me of the "words make worlds" series which I have shared here before.

"All of us have lost something when wars are fought; some have lost everything"  goodness from  
My father has always said that the real heroes did not come home.

What are you about today? What can you learn and share? During the course of my day, amongst my learning and sharing, I also like to find at least one laugh. The more I can learn, share, and laugh, the better the day!

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