Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To share or not share?

Time for #the5 today before heading off to the working world

How to Humanize Your Company and Get People to Share Your Story  "How to humanize your brand" 
What is your story? Is it compelling and distinct?

A leap of faith  "as I was shouting to be heard above the din, others were shouting as well"  @
@leanneclc took the leap of faith and is sharing her lessons learned on work/life balance today

How to be a Graceful Power Networker  key:"Customize the invitation with a reminder of how the person knows you" 
Make the effort to personalize your LinkedIn invite, it will be read and accepted more easily that way!

Consistency in Your Message is an Important Personal Brand Builder  me: yes, very much so! 
What is your message? Do you have one or more than one?

What’s Your Twitter Personality?  "Folks on Twitter are not always who they seem" 
How true! One of the reasons why you should get to meet them in person to find out the real story.

And a bonus link for today
Job Search Jam Sessions: To blog or not blog?  Paraphrasing Hamlet, that is the real question of the day 

What have you learned that you can share today?

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